Unveiling Moments: Visual Stories by a Veteran Turned Photographer

Enter the immersive realm of a seasoned photographer, where every frame resonates with profound storytelling. Specializing in unit stills and gallery photography for the film and television industry, I extend an invitation to delve into a world where visual narratives unfold with captivating clarity.

A member of the esteemed International Cinematographers Guild 669 (ICG669), my photographic journey commenced at The International Center of Photography in NYC and Langara College in Vancouver, where I honed my expertise in Fashion, Beauty, and Portrait Photography.

Under the tutelage of renowned industry figures Alexi Lubomirski, Melissa Rodwell, Peter Hurley, and Lindsay Adler, I cultivated a disciplined approach to my craft, elevating my artistic vision to new heights.

In the midst of the industry's hustle and bustle, I strive to unearth moments of symmetrical beauty, crafting images imbued with a potent graphic quality that resonates deeply with viewers. Through collaborative efforts with industry pioneers, I continuously push the boundaries of visual storytelling, ensuring each production's essence is conveyed with compelling authenticity.

Beyond the realms of film and television, my lens ventures into the domains of fashion, beauty, and portraiture, capturing the essence of individuality and allure with unwavering precision. As a dedicated member of ICG669, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism while actively contributing to the growth and integrity of the industry.

Embark with me on this immersive journey into the heart of visual storytelling. Together, let us create images that not only transcend boundaries but also leave an indelible imprint on the minds and hearts of audiences worldwide.